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An Interface to Your Professional Profile Data

  • Find and share professional profile information.
  • Toggle privacy on a per-detail basis.
  • Connect with others to grant extended access to those you trust.

Roundesk aims to enable and encourage you to connect with Entrepreneurs, Investors, UX Designers, Developers, and Marketers to build businesses on BitCoin.

Although in the past Roundesk put data onto the BSV blockchain, this approach has been updated in such a way that data is kept off-chain to allow privacy controls to be implemented. As such, using Roundesk is now entirely free rather than costing trace amounts of BSV per update. Paymail signatures are still used to ensure only you can update your profile. Signatures are now also used to secure private details of your profile, enabling you to grant access to extended details to your connections only.

You can create an account using your paymail by logging in below.